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SASE: Dynamic Security-as-a-Service
for the Modern Enterprise Edge

first SASE accelerates how businesses transform

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a new approach to networking and security that reinvents these technologies as converged cloud services. It provides uniform connectivity and protection everywhere so that people can work anywhere.
Forcepoint’s SASE goes beyond just securing access to web, cloud, and private applications. We put our industry-leading data protection at the center of our SASE platform, giving you unique control over how your data is used even after it is downloaded. We help you make your people more productive and your business safer.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) brings security that used                       SASE Is All About Convergence

to be delivered via a patchwork of point products into the cloud.                With organizations more distributed than ever before, putting stacks of hardware

It dramatically improves and simplifies how you can keep your                    at every location or using disparate products for remote workers creates holes for

people and data safe. Forcepoint Dynamic Edge Protection                         attackers, costs too much, and is a drain on scarce IT resources. SASE solutions, such

(DEP) provides true SASE security-as-a-service that is ideal for                     as Forcepoint Dynamic Edge Protection (DEP), provide an all-in-one way for you to

safeguarding branch offices, SD-WAN connections, and Wi-Fi                       deliver advanced web, network, and application security-as-a-service from the cloud

networks without deploying security hardware.                                               to people wherever they work.

Forcepoint Dynamic Edge Protection True SASE Security-as-a-Service Unlike old, non-cloud products that have simply been re-hosted in the sky, DEP is

built from scratch to be a cloud-native security service. What were once features in disparate products have been replaced with a unified and extensible set of security microservices that are woven together as needed. This enables DEP to dynamically provide firewalling, intrusion prevention, web content inspection, malware scanning, URL filtering, application access, and more from a single cloud service.These capabilities are all managed together with uniform, integrated policies that eliminate the gaps and redundancies you used to wrestle with across multiple consoles. With DEP, your people can work safely wherever they need to while you keep your business efficient and secure. 

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Protecting your business starts with
protecting users and data—everywhere

In today’s remote work era, delivering safe access to business resources from anywhere with security policies enforced consistently everywhere are now must-haves for distributed organizations. Converged, cloud-based approaches like Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) enable you to efficiently use web, cloud, and private apps, protected against advanced threats and data loss. But what defines a complete SASE platform? Not access. It’s data. More precisely, controlling usage of data.

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