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The Braintree Group Inc provides the most thorough set of assessment services available in the industry. With multiple unique assessment services available, our team of credentialed security experts can address nearly any assessment need you may have.


Your perimeters get attacked all day, every day –your Internet perimeters, your physical sites, your wireless networks and your people. Our advanced external assessment options ensures that your organizational perimeter security posture stays strong and resilient.

External Penetration Testing                                     Physical Penetration Testing

External Vulnerability Management (NGVM)       Wireless LAN Penetration Testing

Social Engineering                                                         Console Auditing

Information Disclosure Assessment                        Web Application Assessments

API Penetration Testing


Hackers & malware will ultimately get access to your internal systems and networks — it’s a question of when, not if. The key to limiting the damage and protecting your data is frequent assessment of your internal networks, applications and data. We help secure your interior assets with advanced internal assessment & testing.

Internal Penetration Testing                    Internal Vulnerability Management (NGVM)

Malware Hacker Detection                       Network Database Assessment

Wireless LAN Penetration Testing          VoIP Security Assessment

Password Database Testing                      Physical Penetration Testing


Our Compliance Testing and Audit services provides comprehensive internal reconnaissance, vulnerability identification, and focused exploitation. We will identify the vulnerable systems and services, providing a detailed plan to correct all the issues found.

Strategic Security Assessment                 PCI Strategic Security Assessment

PCI QSA Assessment HIPAA/HITECH       Strategic Security Assessment

Security Risk Assessment                          ISO 27000 Assessment

CMMC Assessment                                       GDPR Assessment

NY DFS Assessment 


Even though your cloud infrastructure is hosted in a separate environment, your cloud perimeter is still attacked all day, every day. Through comprehensive reconnaissance, vulnerability identification, and focused exploitation, Our Cloud Penetration Testing ensures your cloud perimeter security is solid.

Cloud Penetration Testing                                        Cloud NGVM

Internal Penetration Testing for the Cloud          Internal NGVM for Cloud Networks

Cloud Web Application Penetration Testing        Cloud Console Auditing

Cloud Network Database Assessment                   Cloud Password Database Testing

PCI QSA Onsite Assessment for Cloud                    Cloud Network Database Assessment

HIPAA/HITECH Strategic Security Assessment for Cloud

Strategic Security Assessment for Cloud PCI Strategic Security Assessment for Cloud


Supporting critical apps on mobile platforms has now become mission critical, but security remains job one. Our Mobile App Penetration Testing service helps identify the critical vulnerabilities in your mobile app environment by closely examining both the server & the client.

Mobile App Penetration Testing                      Mobile Web Application Penetration Testing

Strategic Security Assessment for Mobile

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Strategic Security Assessment for Mobile